the INSITUTE of LIBERATED PLEASURE prides itself in enforcing ties in passion between sex workers and their allies in justifying legislature for practice and decriminalizing sex work through public debate spaces, private areas of pleasure, and open forums for sexual exploration.
Institute of Liberated Pleasure
sex work advocacy and exploration
Roosevelt Roads, Ceiba, Puerto Rico
18°12'40.7"N 65°38'30.0"W
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The Policy Palace | A debate space for contemporary issues surrounding sex work and legal systems, this forum establishes safety and security in establishing one’s own argument and inclusivity of law in effective practice.

The Field of Frustruatory Fractions and Findings | The plane of doubts and desires frames the gap between stigma and understanding in one’s personal behaviors surrounding sexual activity. Although overwhelming, awakenings will come through traversing these paths.

The Garden of the Zeitgeist | A threshold of generations of beauty standards and sexual expectations meets the traverser as a sanctuary of thought, refelction, and evolution form past historic forms of pleasure.

Grottoes of Orgasmic Discovery | A shallow void allows students to re-focus their zen and pleasures away from institutional drive. The spaces are expansive, should others be invited to take part in one’s own pleasuredrome.

The INSTITUTE provides its student body with practice- and experience-based activities and spaces. Through emphasizing the strides made and to make in the sex worker community, the programming of this insitution seeks to align self-defense and self-exploration practices with past alliances with the LGBT+ community through art and action-focused communities. Each space builds on the armor and traction gained by sex workers through building alliances with those who are outside the experience and recreating the strong becoming of sex workers in fight against stigmas and abusive instituions.

The Auxiliary Activities Association provides for a recreational area of defense practicum and strength-building exercise.

the sauna offers sensual release post-AAA activities to bridge the gap between sexual openness within the rest of the infrastructure and the frustrations of fighting abuse within the recreation space.

The Padded Primacies for Pleasure service the public through providing pink closets for sexual independency and exploration.

The Cruising Center for Creation highlights cross-relationships between the gay community and the hardships in policy and pandemic that both of these communities have faced through art.

Horizontal Condensers, a typology study including Koningen Julianaplein by OMA, Hellytown by Portaluppi, Narkomptiazhprom by brothers Vesnin, and European Patent Office by Office XDGA.

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA