Academy for the Emancipation of the American Dream

James Truslow Adam coined the “American Dream” in his book, Epic of America.  It reads, “Each man and woman shall attain what they are inherently able to regardless of circumstance and position. In short, anyone can achieve their wildest imaginations, if they put in the hard work. This dream used to represent hope and opportunity in the Land of Opportunity. Now the dream became a parasitic nightmare. 

The underprivileged class are brainwashed by the American propaganda to working hard and hoping one day they will be successful. However, the reality is much different than that. The elite and higher class takes advantage of the lower class’s work ethic and they reap the benefits while the poor just work harder. Capitalism enables only the 1% to enjoy a life of leisure and the rest will be trapped by their American Dream. 

In the Academy, the American Dream gets unmasked and exposed for the nightmare it is, the parasitic nightmare. Here students will discover how the dream exploits the masses to benefit the elites, how to reach their true potential as a group, and ultimately, how to subvert the powers of Capitalism.

Here we teach everyone that the answer lies in Non-Work instead of Hard work. This curriculum is based critiques and subversions so  students also explore works of art that deal with the same concepts and discover ways to critique it.
Ultimately, the goal is to wake up from this American Dream. 

Campus Facilities and Areas

Library of Simulated Phantasm
Residences of Creative Endeavors
Club for the Disillusioned Type
Sculpture Gardens of the Cautionary Tales
Contemplation Pond
Casino of Dreams Deferred

The Library of Simulated Phantasm allows students to experience utopias, distopias, heterotopias, and just different realities, in order to understand the state of the Dream. They will also be able to explore other works of subversions about capitalism and the American Dream.

The Club for the Disillusioned Type is a flexible space that supports different types of performances to push and subvert the American Dream. Students will be able debate and partake in other forms of discussion in the forum. The Club also houses the Non-Doing Elevator.
The Residence for Creative Endeavors houses visiting artist and invites them to create installations that subvert captialism or other activities that support this Academy’s mission.


Disurban Grids and Leonidov

City of the Captive Globe - Leonidov Edition
Rem Koolhaas and Madelon Vriesendorp

The Lenin Institute by Librarianship
Ivan Leonidov

Ivan Leonidov

Club for the New Social Type || Variant A
Ivan Leonidov

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA